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Friendship, Kindness, and Problem Solving Adventures for all ages!

J. Morhaime Books is the home of the well loved Effie's Adventures Children's Book Series and other works. Effie Goes to School is the first publication by author Jennifer Morhaime, and has opened the door to many more adventures! You can expect bright colorful illustrations, loveable characters and thoughtful stories. Each book has a fun adventures mixed with problem solving, new friends, teamwork and kindness. Jennifer Morhaime also brings in some culinary creations for you to try at home.


Effie's Adventures
Children's Book Series

Other Children's Book Publications
Dinosaur Fight

Meet the Author Jennifer Morhaime

Hello, and thank you for visiting my site. My name is Jennifer and I have been writing since I was about 10 years old. It has always been a passion for me, an outlet for my anxiety and emotional discomfort, and a creative escape. In 2008, I wrote "Effie Goes to School," and I knew it had potential to become an entire series. Fear of failure and self doubt caused delays in getting this first book published.  I am so excited to have pushed those fears aside, finally releasing Effie's Adventures into the world in 2021. I cannot wait to bring you along, as Effie and her friends experience many different adventures, learn new things and most importantly have fun!

J. Morhaime Books was created in 2021 as a way to Self Publish the Effie's Adventures Series, and also other written works. If you have a passion for something and have the ability to put yourself out there, do it!  Life is short, so LIVE your dreams; and love who and what you are. 


I am supported by my loving husband and two young boys. They inspire me to reach my goals. We lost someone very special in 2019, who was my biggest supporter when it came to my writing. It is because of him I have found the courage to become a published author. Thank you Bryan, for always believing in my dreams and pushing me to get them realized!

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